Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV unveiling in Iran

Preserving nature is one of the most important strategical plans for mitsubishi motors coperation. this matter is one of the factors mitsubishi motors designers take in mind when they are designing cars. mitsubishi motors research in these field from long time ago and they are very active in this segment, for example their first electerical car was i-MIEV which it was designed and manufactred in 2009.
green and electerical cars are one of the best solutions for polluted cities like tehran. Arian Motor, official distributor of mitsubishi motors in Iran, unveiled the new product of this noble brand in exclusive event in espinas palace hotel.
#bekhatereman ‘s kids attended this event and they unveiled the new car. it’s worth to mention that amir mahdi jule, best stand up comedian in Iran, entertained attenders.
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Arianmotor Branches annual gathering
mitsubishi test drive esfand 96 تست درایو محصولات میتسوبیشی اسفند ۹۶
Mitsubishi Test Drive Event, Winter 1396

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